Anahata: Heart Chakra

“Much of our transformation process, especially at the level of emotion, occurs through the lungs and the energy bridge or doorway behind the heart.” Dhyani Ywahoo Anahata is a Sanskrit word that literally translates into ‘unstruck’. The Anahata is rooted in the element of air. Air is the least dense of all elements. When you […]

Manipura: The Solar Plexus

Manipura is a Sanskrit word that literally translates into ‘lustrous gem’. It is rooted in the element of fire. In Western culture, the Manipura is known as the third chakra, or solar plexus chakra. The Manipura holds your connection to your will, power, assertiveness and self-esteem. Within the Manipura the element of fire ignites the light of consciousness. It […]

Svadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra

Svadhisthana is a Sanskrit word that literally translates into ’one’s own abode’ the root ‘svad’ also has another meaning, it translates into ‘to taste with pleasure’, ‘to enjoy’ or ‘take delight’. It is rooted in the element of water. In Western culture, the Svadhisthana is known as the second chakra, or sacral chakra. The Svadhisthana holds […]


  Your chakras are spinning, vibrating fields of light. Their form can be found in many places in nature. In gases that form in space, in the rings that form around the sun and planet, flowers, sea urchins, starfish, and in tree trunks we find the circular energy of the chakra center. Vortex Energy The […]

Daily Chakra Healing

The chakras are an ancient model of the energy system that originate from Tantric Buddhist philosophy. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning circle or wheel.  Your chakras are spinning vibrating circles of energy that appear as wheels in your body – they connect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The chakras are energetic centers that […]

The Earth Star Chakra

Earth Star Chakra

 If you are familiar with your chakra system, you will know that there are usually only 7 chakras that are focused on and they all reside within the body. However, there are additional transpersonal chakras that exist within the auric field of the body and within the earth. These transpersonal chakras are awakened as we transition from […]