The Earth Star Chakra

Earth Star Chakra If you are familiar with your chakra system, you will know that there are usually only 7 chakras that are focused on and they all reside within the body. However, there are additional transpersonal chakras that exist within the auric field of the body and within the earth. These transpersonal chakras are awakened as we transition from the 3rd dimensional to 5th dimensional reality. The Earth Star Chakra is located about 11-12 inches below your feet.

Think of your Earth Star Chakra as the layer of your subtle body that is shared with Mother Earth and all of humanity.

This chakra is personal, however, it is sensitive to the collective consciousness of humanity, as are all of our chakras. For example, if the country you live in is experiencing economic depression, this energy becomes collectively held in the Earth Star and Root chakras. Therefore, you may not personally be experiencing financial hardship, but because you are one with all of creation, you energetically are connected to the vibration of economic depression, since it is all around you.

Healing your Earth Star Chakra Helps in Healing the Earth…

This makes our work with our Earth Star Chakra so important. As we clear and balance our Earth Star Chakra we assist in clearing and balancing the energies of fear from the planet and we become part of the process of healing humanity. As we vibrate collectively into higher and higher dimensions of being, it will become more and more common to work with these chakras as a means of grounding your physical and etheric body down into mother earth herself. 

The more we reach out to the divine realms of reality around us, it becomes more and more necessary to ground deeper into the earth to continue to be able to participate fully in the present reality.

 A clear and balanced Earth Star Chakra can assist you in being clear and grounded in your daily habits and can bring you into deeper union with the healing power of Mother Earth.

The Earth Star Chakra’s Location on Planet Earth

The Earth Star Chakra holds a connection to the living spirit of Mother Earth, also known as Gaia and her multidimensional nature. We are electromagnetically connected to the center of Mother Earth. As human beings, we can only be as beautiful and glorious as the Great Mother whose womb we are all still in. The entire planet is covered by grids of energy and light that connect the people, places and sacred structures together in miraculous ways. Each chakra has a physical location on earth where it’s energy is manifest in a portal. The location of the Earth Star Chakra is in London. Many lightworkers feel that London needs assistance in ascending into the 5th dimension and through clearing and balancing our Earth Star Chakra we can participate in our own healing and simultaneously assist in aligning our global Earth Star Chakra with the vibrations of light needed to illuminate the planet with love.

The Earth Star Chakra also helps us connect to and heal from archetypal traumas such as cultural prejudice, genocide, and colonization. It also helps us to begin the process of realizing the illusion of separateness that we come into this world believing.

Activating, Clearing and Balancing Your Earth Star Chakra

Like all the chakras, the Earth Star Chakra is a vibrating field of light that is imperceptible to the human eye.

A powerful way to begin to connect to your Earth Star Chakra is to meditate outside, somewhere you can touch the earth, or connect with the water or air. In this outdoor space find a quiet clear spot and lie down where you will not be disturbed. Begin by thanking Mother Earth for all she has given you. Relax your entire body and slowly visualize bright white light entering each of your chakras. Feel your Earth Star Chakra about one foot below your feet close to the earth. Imagine a silver and gold cord moving through your body and connected it to the center of the earth. Sit silently in the space for as long as you can. Ask Mother Earth if she has anything to share with you. Allow yourself to connect to the deeply healing and restorative energetic nature of this chakra.

Activating, cleansing and balancing your Earth Star Chakra is only the first step. Think of your chakras like one of the major muscles or organs of your body. You need to exercise daily and feed yourself nurturing foods and thoughts in order to keep your physical body in order. Your etheric body works the same way. Spend time every day visualizing light cleansing your chakra centers or listen to a guided chakra meditation. There are also many practical ways to connect to your Earth Star Chakra as you move through your day.

Each step you take on the earth can be made as a sacred prayer to Mother Earth and silent clearing and blessing of your Earth Star Chakra.

Take an entire day and focus on connecting to Mother Earth with every step you take. As you walk on her, she gives you her power and strength, as you open your senses up to accepting her power, it will grow and grow within you.

Moving Deeper Into Communion with Your Earth Mother

Practice gratitude for the earth by thanking and blessing all produce that you eat.

The earth provides us with everything we need for our sustenance. 

Make a conscious effort to thank and bless each piece of produce that you purchase and prepare for the week. As you focus and appreciate the blessings that come from Mother Earth, you will find that you discover more and more to appreciate!

Dig in the earth or plant something.

Dirt is the soul of Mother Earth.

In dirt we find the truth of the essence of the cycles of death and birth. Walk silently among the trees and ask them to share their wisdom with you. As you recognize and appreciate the life and consciousness of all of Earth’s creatures, you awaken your consciousness of the living spirit of Gaia herself and simultaneously awaken and charge your Earth Star Chakra.

Honor the waters of the earth, and practice gratitude for the water that you use to bath yourself and to clean your dishes and clothes. Practice gratitude for the air we breathe. Prana is the Sanskrit word for breath and is also translated to mean life, more specifically, the primary and round motion of life energy.

The air we breathe is the essence of life itself.

Practice sitting in reverence of this sacred gift.

Take time to honor all the sentient beings of the earth. We cannot be in complete alignment with our Earth Star Chakra until we are in harmony with all sentient beings on earth. Take time to honor our ancient ancestors on this earth. Practice gratitude towards all fish and marine life, all reptiles and other mammals. Take time to honor the mountains, forests, deserts, the sun, the moon, all of the stars in the sky and any other aspect of nature that calls to you.

As you move into deeper and deeper communion with gratitude for Mother Earth,

you will find your Earth Star Chakra expanding.

Your Earth Star Chakra is thought to be one of the chakras that opens you to 5th dimensional living. It can act as a portal, opening your other transpersonal chakras and preparing your body for light-body ascension through the merkaba chariot. Therefore, practice the simple rituals of the Earth Star Chakra with the awareness that you are returning to your roots in order to assist humanity in healing from the past and moving into a future of infinite possibilities.

Crystals, Essential Oils and Flower Essences for Earth Star Chakra Alignment

The Earth Star Chakra vibrates at the frequency of a deep crimson infrared. Crystals are record keepers that lie deep within the womb of Mother Earth. Crystals are powerful tools in activating and cleansing all of your chakras, but your Earth Star Chakra especially. Ruby, garnet, bloodstone and obsidian can all help you cleanse and connect to your Earth Star Chakra.

Practice gratitude for any crystal that comes across your path and send healing thoughts to the earth and people who assist mining these crystals from the ground.

Essential oils including myrrh and vetiver can also help you to cleanse and connect with this chakra. Bougainvillea Flower Remedy can be used to cleanse and balance the Earth Star Chakra. Spend time honoring the flowers that you come across and practice silent prayers of gratitude for all of the plants that you encounter that are gifts from Mother Earth.

The Earth Star Chakra Archangelic Connections

Archangel Sandalphon is the guardian of the Earth Star Chakra. What we know about Sandalphon comes mostly from Jewish scripture which describes Sandalphon as the ‘twin brother’ of Metatron, very tall and the master of heavenly song. He is thought to have first incarnated on earth as the prophet Elijah. God gave Elijah an assignment as an Archangel to reward him for his good work upon Earth, and to allow him to continue his sacred service from Heaven. Elijah’s ascension and transformation into Sandalphon occurred when he was lifted up to Heaven in a fiery chariot pulled by two horses of fire, accompanied by a whirlwind. Sandalphon’s chief role is to carry human prayers to God so they may be answered.  He’s said to be so tall that he extends from Earth to Heaven.

Sandalphon is one of archangels who is guiding the ascension of the Earth and the alignment of the crystalline grid structure that connects us all.

Some beautiful lightworkers from the United Kingdom have channelled messages from Sandalphon. Here is a final message from Sandalphon that should help you awaken a divine understanding of this energy center:

“I am an anchor. I act to penetrate a body and anchor myself into it as a conduit of Light energy, keeping things working at root level in accordance with the Divine Plan, whilst simultaneously channelling in Divine Light, supplying all that is required in order for balance, harmony and hence stability to be achieved.”

“The secrets of the Earth are mine. You came to this planet as tiny children and were nurtured and grew to adulthood upon her skin. Your spirits are a part of her, as I am also. And it is that link with her that you will find amplified through me. Without the goodness and mercy and tender care of your Earth Mother your physical bodies will not survive, and without her spiritual care your non physical bodies will not be able to fulfill their tasks.

I am earth.
I am sky.
I am all things in between.

Stand with me now and let your feet feel the firmness and love of your Earth Mother. Turn your face to the sky and feel the warmth and love of the Creator. Cradled as you are on this beautiful planet allow your heart beat to slow and merge with the pulse of the Earth. Feel her soul merge with yours. Everything you do and every thought you have affects her, affects your co-travelers and also affects your Self. All depend on each other. It is not an exclusive relationship – everyone is important and every one can make a difference. The choice is yours. But remember I am here for you if you will but call.

I can help you link more closely with the Earth and her mysteries, and to the stars and their mysteries too. Hear my voice in the crashing of the waves on a beach; feel my touch in the drops of rain on your face; and know my love in the kiss of sunlight on your brow.
Think of me as the tall pine in the forest – my strength and timelessness are here for you when ever you need them.”

Call on Saldalphon in meditation or throughout your day to assist you in connecting with the sacred qualities of the earth and to cleanse and balance your earth star chakra.


Want to Learn More?

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